Are we ready to welcome change?


635807769926152751-55185194_changeBuilding a better world for tomorrow is something we all hear on a day to day basis; from sustainable energy, organic food, autonomous transportation and eliminating poverty. These have all become buzz words of the present, and we are being told to innovate, try new things and to address these worldly matters – education steps in and the world evolves.

Are we conversant with the extraordinary generation we are trying to educate? A common dilemma for educational advocates- how to alter between what we were thought and what we need to teach. There is no right or wrong way, but there’s a definite need to change the mindset, endless opportunities and exponential growth expected.

If education is based on curriculums that were put forward years ago, it’s a good time to pause, think and reassure ourselves that we are not fighting an unattainable dream but flourishing with endless possibilities through constant innovation and self-discovery. Old is Gold, but New is even better!


 The digital age  

 In a world run by internet connectivity for all aspects of life, with information being freely available in just one click – we need to help students acquire accurate information. Google handles an estimated 1 billion search queries each day. Can a group of highly educated human brains add up to this infinite knowledge hub?

Creating an unceasing ecosystem around a student is important. Mentors, parents and the education institute should be aligned to support this digital age and help students think deeply, acquire relevant knowledge, make compassionate and responsible choices for revolutionary solutions. Modern schooling methodologies and innovative school management systems are plenty, are these systems just merely automating processes or complimenting the new mind-set of the students?

Real-life skills, effective speaking, strong vocabulary and an open mind will produce mature citizens who will try relentlessly, be prepared to accept failure and revolutionise the world with triumphs. Time to think, create, develop and collaborate with different minds –  joining forces for amazing discoveries is the new age. And by utilising the right technology, bridging the gap of the known and the unknown will be simpler. Merging the human brain and super-computing will spring unknown tomorrows, nevertheless inspiring ones.


A generation of solutionaries

 We believe as educators, we are on top of what’s new, what’s trending and can be summed up pretty much as the old-school walking encyclopedia. Look at the evolution of the student you teach; The average 21 year old spends 5000 hours playing video games and that’s almost three quarter of a full year. Are we going to change the average student we teach or are we going to compliment and embrace this revolutionary earthling?

Researchers call this generation of students the ‘solutionaries’. They constantly search, look for answers, shortcuts and quick hacks. And there is nothing wrong with that, it is a perfect situation and a critical factor that will shift the education systems around the globe.


It’s time to change

The time has come for orthodox education systems to take a step back, not because it is useless, but because the world is shifting expeditiously and tomorrow is never going to be like today. Chasing new goals, evaluating outcomes and creative collaborations should be defining factors of modern education. The ‘new’ mindset will not care about how many books one should read to be an expert, but interact with intelligent intermediaries that surpass human knowledge for quick solutions – that’s where the world is heading and you should too.

Yes, it is vital to be qualified, to acquire knowledge and aid in this exponential transformation of the global marketplace, but will a multiple degree holder be the ideal and the only mastermind who will take on the world tomorrow?