Bringing your school to the Cloud – Ombo deploys CloudSchool

Today, the move to the cloud is a transformative technological aspect of the way we live, do business and interact with each other. The four disruptive forces of IT – mobile, cloud, social and big data are rapidly steering our day to day lives in the direction of the cloud.

Naturally, in the midst of this transitional era, the way we learn must keep up with the way we live and apply our learning. This is the premise on which Ombo, a fully owned subsidiary of CodeGen International enters the educational landscape.

Cloud technology is revolutionizing industries across the globe, shifting paradigms of established operational practices, enabling businesses to connect better with their customers. The emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) practices have been game changing in recent years. The resource intensity of on-premise legacy systems are gradually being replaced by lean, highly efficient cloud systems.

In this context, the CloudSchool solution offered by Ombo is perfectly timed to gear Sri Lankan and global educational institutions for the future.


Uncompromising Functionality


The feature-rich first release of Ombo’s CloudSchool is equipped with a number of core capabilities able to deliver a high performance, cloud-enabled user experience for schools.

Access is an integral component of the CloudSchool platform and one that has been greatly detailed in development. The scalable system architecture allows accessibility for multiple device types and introduces secure role-based database access control for parents, teachers and students.

The system further provides operational management and automation in areas of subject assignment, student records, student promotions, student and staff attendance capturing, integration to biometric systems, reporting and approval management, streamlining of leave request processes, student fee payment management, email notifications and alerts among many others.

Learning on the Cloud

Cloud Smart School

Among the many benefits of a CloudSchool platform, the most clearly defined is the shift from manual to automated administration of daily tasks. Presently, a significant amount of effort and time of teachers and even students is dedicated to enhancing knowledge acquisition and learning through eLearning. Ombo CloudSchool is able to automate these operations, freeing up precious hours.

The centralized platform architecture enables students, teachers, administrators, and parents to connect to the cloud system and access information via multiple devices. Benefits of the system are far from limited to administrative functions and spans to the full scope of stakeholder groups involved in a typical educational interaction.

As a result of this implementation, the computer literacy of the workforce engaged in the education vertical and students will inevitably improve.


Trusted deployment


Further to its feature functionality, Ombo offers unfailing service and support for deployments. Unlimited service query support via phone and email is offered to clients, alongside a 4-hour response time latency guaranteed for urgent requirements.

Ombo has successfully concluded deployment in a leading school in Colombo, Sri Lanka and similar preliminary deployments are scheduled for completion in the near future.

The second release of CloudSchool is planned to be released soon and will feature many upgrades to new and existing functionalities.

Ombo is geared to take its revolutionary technology across the island and beyond shores with the promise of cutting-edge CloudSchooling.