Sri Lanka launches first grade wide Smart Classroom powered by XOLO

Following the success of the first and the only tab-based Smart Classroom in Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution together with the Ministry of Education and CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd., introduced the first grade-wide deployment of Smart Classrooms at the Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Boys School on the 07th day of January 2019.

Moreover, these Smart Classrooms are powered by XOLO Smart Classroom platform. The software is developed and managed by CodeGen and endorsed by the Ministry of Education.

At the launch, Minister of Economic Reforms and Public Distribution, Dr. Harsha de Silva stated, “Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Boys School, is the only school that has a fully integrated Smart Classroom solution. These are not just classrooms with Smart Boards but uses an intuitive learning platform. This is done in order to connect  teachers and students effectively. The continuity of this will be our responsibility, as we are here today for change. By 2022 we hope to transform one of the oldest schools in Sri Lanka into a Smart School.”

“Sri Lanka’s year on year per capita growth is just around 2.5%. It is extremely low if we are to match any developed country such as Singapore. Over 250,000 students pass out from schools, but only 50,000 students enter into the local University system in Sri Lanka. Have we ever analysed the potential of this future workforce, to find ways to optimise economic growth? Education is not about learning content, it is about being able to apply what we learn to solve real world problems. So, it’s time to move from content based to problem solving education.” Stated CodeGen International, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Harsha Subasinghe.

“XOLO Smart Classroom platform’s safety and monitoring features are widely used by the School’s administration and teachers. With real-time class monitoring and problem-based education system, this technology demonstrates an end-to-end education platform. This has enabled us to transform the way students learn.” Stated Sri Jayawardenapura Kotte Boys School, Smart Classroom Teacher.

XOLO Smart Classroom at St. Sylvester’s College Kandy

In embracing technology for smart and intuitive education, St. Sylverter’s College Kandy launched the XOLO Smart Classroom platform, first of its kind in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. The event was graced by Hon. Sarath Ekanayake, The Chief Minister of Central Province, Mr. T. R. S. Meetiyagoda, The Principal St. Sylvester’s College and Dr. Harsha Subasinghe, Chief Executive Officer of CodeGen International.

XOLO powered by Cloud Smart School, a subsidiary of CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd., focuses on invigorating students to be innovative and exemplary result oriented citizens of the future.  Just-in-time learning, Problem-solving techniques and Learn-ability scoring, are some of the unique aspects of this tested, proven concept, now deployed at St. Sylvester’s College, where the school can now automate classroom teaching alongside admin tasks.

CodeGen states that, XOLO which is a unique education platform that goes beyond a Learning Management Solution (LMS). The world’s first unified application where electronic and personal content can both be integrated in real-time, on one screen with smart content delivery; students can now read, learn and write simultaneously.

A dream that instilled in me in the year 2010, is now accomplished by launching the XOLO Smart Classroom at St. Sylvester’s College. The great desire to ensure that our future generation is equipped with technology, for which a smart education platform is much needed is no longer a dream. My hope is that our students will be driven by this initiative to reach greater heights, with skills that are recognised internationally, and pass out as extraordinary citizens.” states, St. Sylvester’s College, Principal, Mr. T. R. S. Meetiyagoda.

XOLO Smart Classroom Teacher, Ms. Ramani Swamirajah explained, “The traditional methods we have been using, most of it felt ordinary and felt monotonous. I am very happy with this new system and it would definitely do well for our students’ education. The teachers can do more effective work within a short period of time and we expect an effective and quality education and outcome.”

XOLO Smart Classroom revolution was introduced by CodeGen in January 2017, together with Hon. Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva and the Education Ministry of Sri Lanka. The successful pilot project which was launched at the Sri Jayawardenepura Maha Vidayala Kotte, was later visited by Prime Minister Hon. Ranil Wickremesinghe, to observe student engagement and to look at the success rate of this venture for future expansion.

Sample Smart Classroom

CodeGen International enters the education industry with Cloud Smart School

Cloud Smart School, a cloud based institute and school management software was launched by Ombo Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd. at Edex Expo Mid-Year Fair 2016. The exhibition was held at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC) on the 3rd and 4th of September 2016.

The launch of Cloud Smart School educational software solution was mainly targeted at the educational institutions, tutors, specialists in the field and the general public. The features of the platform and its benefits were highlighted while, one to one demonstrations were conducted to showcase its user friendly and agile nature. The move towards cloud based hosting is a transformative step in using innovative technology to deliver a holistic education which is easily accessible to anyone-anywhere, through one single interactive platform via multiple devices.

Leading educational institutions in Sri Lanka have already welcomed the Cloud Smart School management software to provide a seamlessly connected education system. This sets the stage for a collaborative learning environment enforcing a sustainable ecosystem around schools and institutions. It is vital to embrace the technological advancements and new solutions that can help the education industry to be on par with emerging trends and the market requirement.

“We launched the Cloud Smart School software at Edex Expo Mid-Year Fair 2016 in order to create awareness on how technology can enhance the learning experience of children, students as well as professionals. With continuous research and development, we believe in applying the latest technologies in order to satisfy growing demands for fast, efficient and effective solutions. The response and positive feedback received from parents, lecturers and institutions were promising,” states Roshantha Adhihetty, Head of Marketing for CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd.

 Along with the Cloud Smart School solution, CodeGen International tested the acceptance of yet another unique e-learning application at the education fair. An easy and smart way to study with personalized set up and multiple resource storage options, the all new android application will be introduced to the market in October 2016. This latest addition will augment the current portfolio of Ombo Technologies focusing on enriching the education industry through technology.

CodeGen International, is a proven, agile and leading travel technology provider of the next generation end-to-end software solutions and reservation systems for the global tourism industry. By entering the educational landscape, the company hopes to expand its offerings to many other industries in the future.

Cloud Smart School at Edex Expo Mid-Year Fair 2016

CodeGen International introduces Cloud Smart School at EDEX Expo 2016

The Cloud Smart School software is geared towards shifting learning into Cloud-based hosting for schools and educational institutes.

This initiative focuses on merging the key disruptive forces of IT; mobile, cloud, social and data to connect all stakeholders through one single interactive platform which allows students, teachers and administrators to connect to the cloud system and access information via multiple devices.  This cloud based management system, aims at automating the manual processes of schools and institutes with an objective to shift paradigms of established traditional operational protocols for a fully automated, end to end workflow management system.

The all in one product is now used by a few leading educational establishments in Sri Lanka, namely; Bishop’s College Colombo and Vision International Kandy. The second phase will focus on educational institutions in Sri Lanka and around the globe.

The partnership with American College of Higher Education in Sri Lanka is yet another promising venture which is currently ongoing. Connecting several educational institutes under one platform will encourage e-learning and efficient resource management resulting in creating an ideal learning environment.

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