CodeGen extends technology to launch Sri Lanka’s first Cloud Smart Classroom

CodeGen International (Pvt). Ltd., integrated the first Cloud Smart Classroom in partnership with the Education Ministry of Sri Lanka at the Jayawardenapura Kotte Boys School, with the participation of Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam and Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Harsha de Silva.

CodeGen’s Cloud Smart School technology was recognized by the Ministry of Education, and under the guidance of the ministry, the Cloud Smart Classroom was launched successfully as a pilot project. The company together with the ministry will closely monitor the progress and salient trends or gaps within this year to implement a long-term strategy to restructure Sri Lanka’s education system.

With the explosion of all things mobile, Cloud Smart Classroom solution will be the next catalyst to invigorate engagement between learners and educators alike. With the installation of child friendly smart tabs utilizing paperless edu-tech, powered by Cloud Smart School’s carefully designed in-built application can now be identified as the sole, unified solution developed locally to meet international standards in the education industry.

The Chief Executive Officer of CodeGen, Dr. Harsha Subasinghe, reiterated the importance of visiting the predicted world in 2030, where artificial intelligence will be the governing mechanism and millions of employees will look for citizens who own a particular skill set. He further explained, the need to introduce a platform which is content driven, based on problem-solving skills as it is the new age of education.

Company’s move to extend its Cloud Smart School revolutionary technology to digitize the educational landscape of Sri Lanka, reinforces CodeGen’s vision to future proof the education structure for students to develop twenty-first century skills, and to have an equal opportunity to compete in the job-market globally.

CodeGen, is a proven, agile and leading software provider in the global marketplace. The company envisions the future of education through pioneering edu-tech, to regenerate the learning ecosystem with Cloud Smart School, a student learning and school management platform developed by Ombo Technologies, a fully owned subsidiary of CodeGen.

Shifting Schools Towards Digitization


CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd. partnered with Isipathana College, Colombo to Introduce Cloud Smart School, a student learning and school management platform developed by Ombo Technologies, a fully owned subsidiary of CodeGen.

The Principle of Isipathana College, Mr. Premasiri Epa, announced the partnership with CodeGen to deploy Cloud Smart School in the presence of Mr. Kusal Subasinghe, President Legal and Operations of CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd. The occasion was graced by educational specialists of CodeGen along with the senior administration of the school.

“Education in the 21st century focuses on developing skills of students through knowledge. In what manner, the system translates this knowledge to students is the key differentiator. Thus, CodeGen is excited about this partnership with Isipathana College, as we take a step forward to revolutionize and re-engineer schools in Sri Lanka towards digitization.” stated President Legal and Operations of CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd, Mr. Kusal Subasinghe.

The time has come for orthodox education systems to take a step back, the world is shifting expeditiously and tomorrow is never going to be like today. Chasing new goals, evaluating outcomes and creative collaborations should be the defining factors of modern education and CodeGen is determined to reshape and transform the educational landscape of Sri Lanka, the same way the company revolutionized the global travel and tourism industry with TravelBox, its flagship end-to-end travel software platform.


Image from L to R: Mr. Premasiri Epa, Principle, Isipathana College Colombo; Mr. Kusal Subasinghe, President Legal and Operations, CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd.

Are we ready to welcome change?


635807769926152751-55185194_changeBuilding a better world for tomorrow is something we all hear on a day to day basis; from sustainable energy, organic food, autonomous transportation and eliminating poverty. These have all become buzz words of the present, and we are being told to innovate, try new things and to address these worldly matters – education steps in and the world evolves.

Are we conversant with the extraordinary generation we are trying to educate? A common dilemma for educational advocates- how to alter between what we were thought and what we need to teach. There is no right or wrong way, but there’s a definite need to change the mindset, endless opportunities and exponential growth expected.

If education is based on curriculums that were put forward years ago, it’s a good time to pause, think and reassure ourselves that we are not fighting an unattainable dream but flourishing with endless possibilities through constant innovation and self-discovery. Old is Gold, but New is even better!


 The digital age  

 In a world run by internet connectivity for all aspects of life, with information being freely available in just one click – we need to help students acquire accurate information. Google handles an estimated 1 billion search queries each day. Can a group of highly educated human brains add up to this infinite knowledge hub?

Creating an unceasing ecosystem around a student is important. Mentors, parents and the education institute should be aligned to support this digital age and help students think deeply, acquire relevant knowledge, make compassionate and responsible choices for revolutionary solutions. Modern schooling methodologies and innovative school management systems are plenty, are these systems just merely automating processes or complimenting the new mind-set of the students?

Real-life skills, effective speaking, strong vocabulary and an open mind will produce mature citizens who will try relentlessly, be prepared to accept failure and revolutionise the world with triumphs. Time to think, create, develop and collaborate with different minds –  joining forces for amazing discoveries is the new age. And by utilising the right technology, bridging the gap of the known and the unknown will be simpler. Merging the human brain and super-computing will spring unknown tomorrows, nevertheless inspiring ones.


A generation of solutionaries

 We believe as educators, we are on top of what’s new, what’s trending and can be summed up pretty much as the old-school walking encyclopedia. Look at the evolution of the student you teach; The average 21 year old spends 5000 hours playing video games and that’s almost three quarter of a full year. Are we going to change the average student we teach or are we going to compliment and embrace this revolutionary earthling?

Researchers call this generation of students the ‘solutionaries’. They constantly search, look for answers, shortcuts and quick hacks. And there is nothing wrong with that, it is a perfect situation and a critical factor that will shift the education systems around the globe.


It’s time to change

The time has come for orthodox education systems to take a step back, not because it is useless, but because the world is shifting expeditiously and tomorrow is never going to be like today. Chasing new goals, evaluating outcomes and creative collaborations should be defining factors of modern education. The ‘new’ mindset will not care about how many books one should read to be an expert, but interact with intelligent intermediaries that surpass human knowledge for quick solutions – that’s where the world is heading and you should too.

Yes, it is vital to be qualified, to acquire knowledge and aid in this exponential transformation of the global marketplace, but will a multiple degree holder be the ideal and the only mastermind who will take on the world tomorrow?

Can technology spark curiosity?

It is believed that curiosity enhances learning and ignites new ideas among students. But, if we are not exposed to new thinking and new ways of doing things, learning becomes monotonous and teaching methods become a routine chore. To inspire students, it is vital that we keep their minds occupied with new and innovative experiences to step outside the conservative mindset. It is an era where we as educational specialists, should allow and introduce students constantly to out of the box mind mapping exercises and challenge them to be creative. It is only then, will one come to learn the optimum capacity and explore the endless possibilities in a highly competitive and advanced society.

An insightful interview published by EDtalks on how technology sparks curiosity;

“The importantt thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”  Albert Einstein

CodeGen International enters the education industry with Cloud Smart School

Cloud Smart School, a cloud based institute and school management software was launched by Ombo Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd. at Edex Expo Mid-Year Fair 2016. The exhibition was held at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Center (SLECC) on the 3rd and 4th of September 2016.

The launch of Cloud Smart School educational software solution was mainly targeted at the educational institutions, tutors, specialists in the field and the general public. The features of the platform and its benefits were highlighted while, one to one demonstrations were conducted to showcase its user friendly and agile nature. The move towards cloud based hosting is a transformative step in using innovative technology to deliver a holistic education which is easily accessible to anyone-anywhere, through one single interactive platform via multiple devices.

Leading educational institutions in Sri Lanka have already welcomed the Cloud Smart School management software to provide a seamlessly connected education system. This sets the stage for a collaborative learning environment enforcing a sustainable ecosystem around schools and institutions. It is vital to embrace the technological advancements and new solutions that can help the education industry to be on par with emerging trends and the market requirement.

“We launched the Cloud Smart School software at Edex Expo Mid-Year Fair 2016 in order to create awareness on how technology can enhance the learning experience of children, students as well as professionals. With continuous research and development, we believe in applying the latest technologies in order to satisfy growing demands for fast, efficient and effective solutions. The response and positive feedback received from parents, lecturers and institutions were promising,” states Roshantha Adhihetty, Head of Marketing for CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd.

 Along with the Cloud Smart School solution, CodeGen International tested the acceptance of yet another unique e-learning application at the education fair. An easy and smart way to study with personalized set up and multiple resource storage options, the all new android application will be introduced to the market in October 2016. This latest addition will augment the current portfolio of Ombo Technologies focusing on enriching the education industry through technology.

CodeGen International, is a proven, agile and leading travel technology provider of the next generation end-to-end software solutions and reservation systems for the global tourism industry. By entering the educational landscape, the company hopes to expand its offerings to many other industries in the future.

Cloud Smart School at Edex Expo Mid-Year Fair 2016

CodeGen International introduces Cloud Smart School at EDEX Expo 2016

The Cloud Smart School software is geared towards shifting learning into Cloud-based hosting for schools and educational institutes.

This initiative focuses on merging the key disruptive forces of IT; mobile, cloud, social and data to connect all stakeholders through one single interactive platform which allows students, teachers and administrators to connect to the cloud system and access information via multiple devices.  This cloud based management system, aims at automating the manual processes of schools and institutes with an objective to shift paradigms of established traditional operational protocols for a fully automated, end to end workflow management system.

The all in one product is now used by a few leading educational establishments in Sri Lanka, namely; Bishop’s College Colombo and Vision International Kandy. The second phase will focus on educational institutions in Sri Lanka and around the globe.

The partnership with American College of Higher Education in Sri Lanka is yet another promising venture which is currently ongoing. Connecting several educational institutes under one platform will encourage e-learning and efficient resource management resulting in creating an ideal learning environment.

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Cloud Smart School Software

Bringing your school to the Cloud – Ombo deploys CloudSchool

Today, the move to the cloud is a transformative technological aspect of the way we live, do business and interact with each other. The four disruptive forces of IT – mobile, cloud, social and big data are rapidly steering our day to day lives in the direction of the cloud.

Naturally, in the midst of this transitional era, the way we learn must keep up with the way we live and apply our learning. This is the premise on which Ombo, a fully owned subsidiary of CodeGen International enters the educational landscape.

Cloud technology is revolutionizing industries across the globe, shifting paradigms of established operational practices, enabling businesses to connect better with their customers. The emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) practices have been game changing in recent years. The resource intensity of on-premise legacy systems are gradually being replaced by lean, highly efficient cloud systems.

In this context, the CloudSchool solution offered by Ombo is perfectly timed to gear Sri Lankan and global educational institutions for the future.

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